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Blue September /training and returning to work!

Been a frustrating week  from a training perspective.  Thought I was over my cold, but came back to haunt me this week and developed into Bronchitis!  I skip Man flu and headed straight for Bronchitis!  Subsequently, no training done!  But best to get better and then I can start again at full health!  Was good to find out this week that some of the Gyms in Canberra, do Pay as you go, as well as fixed contracts.  Will have to explore this option further I think!

Have any of you out there heard of Blue September ?   From there web site it says:

Each year, more than 22,000 (AIHW) Australian men die of cancer. Common types of cancers causing death in men are lung, prostate, bowel, melanoma and testicular. 

In many cases, male cancer deaths can be prevented through healthy lifestyle decisions and early detection.

Blue September is a campaign created to get the message out about cancer in men. It aims to raise awareness among all Australians about cancers affecting men and urges men to take preventative action by improving lifestyle choices. It is also about encouraging people to make a donation for cancer research, to help find a cure for the disease that affects so many Australian men.

I think I will be getting involved and doing what I can to help this worthy cause in the Canberra region!  Stay tuned!

On a final note  –  I am returning to work next Tuesday!  Yehhh!    Was expecting one night shift las tnight, but the dates went a little bit haywire!  But next Tuesday is good!

Keep moving forward.


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