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General update – 8th July 11

Hi Everyone,

Yes I have been slack in the past few weeks, but that doesnt mean I have been slack in the training department.  Quite the opposite in fact, havent been going overboard, but progressing quite well.  I competed last Saturday in a Club event and walked 8km in just under 70 min.  Have been out walking at least twice a week and gyming twice a week as well.  So its slowly becoming habit forming again!  A long way to go, but watch out everyone  in 2012!

Have also been busy on the Ultralegends web site.  Have been putting up a lot of Pedestrian history lately which hopefully, is interesting to a few people.  Someone must be looking at it because Im getting a few hits.

Arun Bhardwaj from India is competing a Badwater  next week.  Arun has been competing in Ultras for the last nine years around the globe with good results.  Badwater is billed as the Worlds Toughest Footrace and is held in Death Valley.  I have been friends with Arun for the last nine years and am sure that he will conquer the top of Mt Whitney.  If you would like to follow him on Facebook, please look here.


Am going back to scratch with my novel, 6 days of Mayhem.  Its an historical novel set in the 1800’s in Australia and surprise, surprise   it involves long distance walking!  Stay tuned!

Keep moving forward!

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